Friday 28th September 2018        Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band

Friday 26th  October 2018             Afternoon in Paris

Friday 23rd November 2018          Richard Leach's Seven Stars of Jazz

Friday 14th December 2018           Hugh Rainey Jazz Band

Friday 25th January 2019               Keith Nichols Band          

Friday 22nd February 2019            Jools and the Jazzaholics

Friday 29th March 2019                 Kevin Grenfell & Richard Leach Slide by                                                                 Slide 

Friday 26th April 2019                   Harlem Meercats

Friday 31st May 2019                       White's Wonders (Martin Wheatley)

Friday 28th June 2019                    John Maddocks Jazzmen

No Concert in July

Friday 16th August 2019                 Sarah Spencer & her Transatlantic Jazz    Band.