Runnymede Jazz Club was formed in 1995

In September 1995 a Jazz Concert was held at the Chertsey Hall and was so successful that the Runnymede Association of Arts suggested it should become a regular event.   As a result, Peter King set up the Runnymede Jazz Club and became it's first Chairman.   He was supported by Harry Holden who volunteered to be Membership Secretary and Fred Thorley, Vi Webb and Pam Moloney.   The first band to perform for the Runnymede Jazz Club was the Temperance Seven and at this time the club was working hand to mouth and was sometimes hard pushed to pay the bands.   One of the mainstays in helping to get the club started was Barry Palser and in June 2013 he performed a memorial concert in aid of all those responsible for setting up the Runnymede Jazz Club and who were no longer around to enjoy its continued success.
In 2015 the Club will be celebrating it's 20th Anniversary with a celebration concert.   As 2015 is also the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede, a special concert will be held in June with the Brian White's Magna Jazz Band.
The Club continues to prosper and attract the best bands available for all to enjoy.